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Van Daalen Cymbidium is a Westland family business consisting of two entrepreneurs, father Arie and son Dirk van Daalen. After years of cultivating carnations, we switched to Cymbidiums in 1990. With a production area of 21,000 m2, we have built up a wide assortment over the years. Our production runs from August to June.

arie en dirk

specializes in the cultivation of large-flowered Cymbidiums. Fred van der Helm is the owner and took over the business from his father in 2012. We cultivate the Cymbidiums across 3 departments with a total area of 13,000m2. This allows our product to be available from early October to early July. Our strength lies in delivering reliable and excellent quality. We strive to cultivate our Cymbidium branches in a sustainable manner as much as possible.”

My name is Vincent van der Houwen, and I am the owner of the orchid nursery Eric van Paasen in ‘s-Gravenzande. Since 2020, I have taken over the assortment of Eric van Paasen and cultivate mini-cymbidiums on 14,500 m2. I specialize in growing a high-quality product and strive to inspire my customers with an engaging range of mini-cymbidiums. This assortment is continuously evaluated and improved to consistently surprise customers with seasonal colors and mixes. The mini-cymbidiums are available from early September to late March


Welcome to Orchid Nursery Leo van der Helm. Since its establishment in 2000, Orchid Nursery Leo van der Helm has been producing high-quality mini-cymbidiums. The assortment consists of approximately 60 varieties, regularly supplemented with new species. The nursery maintains contacts with both domestic and foreign breeders, and they also engage in creating various crosses themselves.

Vip Roses is and always has been a family company. Brothers Marc and Ed Sassen transformed what once used to be their father’s rose greenhouse into a worldwide recognized name in roses. Now, after 35 years of commitment and hard work, Vip Roses – known for two almost contradictory products – is a greenhouse like no other.


With an area of 35,000 m2 and over 100 different varieties in our assortment, we have a carefully curated range that allows us to serve the market daily from September to July. Achieving almost year-round cultivation is possible by spreading many of our varieties across different departments. Our own breeding program also plays a significant role in this. Currently, about 30% of our offerings come from our own bred varieties, and this percentage continues to grow.

The three brothers decide to start growing Lisianthus in 1992. At first alongside the Freesia, but from 2007 onwards Van der Lugt stops growing the fragrant flowers so they can fully focus on the Lisianthus. As they say their farewells to the Freesia, they welcome Richard into their midst. Richard is the son of Peter and the first of the youngest generation to join the company. This is Lugt Lisianthus as we know and love it today.

Ontwerp zonder titel

For over 25 years, Montana Lisianthus has specialized in cultivating the cut flower ‘Lisianthus,’ formerly known as ‘Eustoma.’ The nursery, which operates year-round, is located on the outskirts of Poeldijk, in the heart of the greenhouse horticulture area known as Het Westland. Corine and Frank van Holst are passionate growers with a background deeply rooted in agriculture, having grown up in nurseries and received agricultural education. Cultivation is their passion.

Zwettulips grows tulips during the whole year by using new and environmentally friendly production facilities. The tulips can be delivered directly in Europe and America. It is possible to place an order for a certain time period, but also on the short run – even the same day!


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