Our latest visit to grower Nooit Gedacht

Last week we visited our Hydrangea grower Nooit Gedacht. Nooit Gedacht employs 7 people and when in full production 5-10 parttimers. They have 4 hectares and here are 15 main varieties grown. Almost 100.000 plants produce, from May to November, over 900.000 stems. 

Every day the grower weighs from every variety a number of plants in order to calculate how much water the plant will need for that day. On hot days the plants gets 3 liter of water, that is over 80 gallons. A day!

Average age of a plant will be 4-6 years, then either production goes down or there is a newer, better variety available.

Hydrangea production is still growing and improving. It is a relative "new" item. Over the last years it began with a few pioneers to a mega product.

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